• Arun Kumar

Database Archivelog Mode

In this article we will look at enabling and disabling database archivelog mode.

Check Archivelog Mode

You can use any of the below queries to check database archivelog mode status

SQL> archive log list;

You must set log_archive_dest_1 to specific location where you want archives to be stored

alter system set log_archive_dest_1='location=/u01/proddb/arch'

Enable Archivelog Mode

You must shutdown the database in order to enable archivelog mode

SQL> Shut immediate;
SQL> Startup mount;
SQL> alter database archivelog;
SQL> alter database open;
SQL> archive log list

Perform a force log switch

SQL> alter system switch logfile

Disable Archivelog Mode

For disabling also you must bounce the database

SQL> shut immediate;
SQL> startup mount;
SQL> alter database noarchivelog;
SQL> alter database open;
SQL> archive log list;

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