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How to plan database creation

Database creation process involves several operating system files to work together. You create database only once and later on keep on adding more data files.

Before you can simply go ahead and start creating your database in real-time, you must know the database planning tasks.

Database Planning Steps

  1. Plan the database tables and indexes and estimate the amount of space they will require

  2. Plan the layout of the underlying operating system files your database will comprise:

  3. Proper distribution of files can improve database performance dramatically by distributing the I/O during file access. Example, put redo log files and data files on separate physical HDD to improve I/O and response time

  4. Select the global database name. Create the global database name by setting both the DB_NAME and DB_DOMAIN initialization parameters

  5. Familiarize yourself with the initialization parameters contained in the initialization parameter file

  6. Select the database character set

  7. Consider which time zones your database must support

  8. Select the standard database block size. This is specified at database creation by the DB_BLOCK_SIZE initialization parameter and cannot be changed after the database is created

  9. Determine the appropriate initial sizing for the SYSAUX tablespace

  10. Plan to use a default tablespace for non-SYSTEM users to prevent inadvertently saving database objects in the SYSTEM tablespace

  11. Plan to use an undo tablespace to manage your undo data

  12. Develop a backup and recovery strategy to protect the database from failure

Prepare to create the database by research and careful planning.

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