• Arun Kumar

DBCA Does Not Display ASM Disk Groups In 12cR2

I was installing Oracle 12c R2 with ASM but somehow the DBCA did not list ASM diskgroups. After struggling for hours, I could find a solution, not sure if it is approved by Oracle but it works !!


I’ve installed Grid infrastructure with user grid, and I was trying to install oracle database 12cr2 with oracle user but during this installation I wasn’t able to see any of my ASM disk in the select disk group.


log in as root user

ls -lrt to check the permission on oracleasm directory
chown -R grid:oinstall oracleasm

cd /dev/oracleasm/disks

Login as grid user

cd bin
ls -ld to check the permision on oracle directory
chmod 6571 oracle
ls -ld oracle

Login as oracle user

cd bin
ls -ld oracle to check the permision

However, oracle directory permision in both grid user and oracle user must have the same permission. Therefore, issue the following command;

chmod 6571 oracle

Go back to select disk group and refresh.

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