• Arun Kumar

Find SQL execution plan change

If you would like to find out change in SQL plan of a query, below script will help you find the SQL plan ID for previous executions and check if there is any change in SQL plan ID.

set pagesize 1000
set linesize 200
column begin_interval_time format a20
column milliseconds_per_execution format 999999990.999
column rows_per_execution format 999999990.9
column buffer_gets_per_execution format 999999990.9
column disk_reads_per_execution format 999999990.9
break on begin_interval_time skip 1
 to_char(s.begin_interval_time,'mm/dd hh24:mi')
 AS begin_interval_time,
 WHEN ss.executions_delta > 0
 THEN ss.elapsed_time_delta/ss.executions_delta/1000
 ELSE ss.elapsed_time_delta
 END AS milliseconds_per_execution,
 WHEN ss.executions_delta > 0
 THEN ss.rows_processed_delta/ss.executions_delta
 ELSE ss.rows_processed_delta
 END AS rows_per_execution,
 WHEN ss.executions_delta > 0
 THEN ss.buffer_gets_delta/ss.executions_delta
 ELSE ss.buffer_gets_delta
 END AS buffer_gets_per_execution,
 WHEN ss.executions_delta > 0
 THEN ss.disk_reads_delta/ss.executions_delta
 ELSE ss.disk_reads_delta
 END AS disk_reads_per_execution
FROM wrh$_sqlstat ss
INNER JOIN wrm$_snapshot s ON s.snap_id = ss.snap_id
WHERE ss.sql_id = '&sql_id'
AND ss.buffer_gets_delta > 0
ORDER BY s.snap_id, ss.plan_hash_value;


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