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How to find fresher DBA jobs?

One of the best part about being an Oracle DBA is – Database ownership! As a DBA, you actually own the database. That being said, one big question arises – which company would handover critical databases to a fresher?

To be honest with you, there are not enough opportunities for fresher DBAs. But, do not worry. I will give you 5 ideas from my experience to get a job as a fresher DBA!

Understand this, if you own a company, will you hand over your company database in the hands of inexperienced DBAs? Database being the backbone of a company, you as a fresher needs to prove yourself to be trusted and hired → I will talk more about it in next lecture but before that, let me give my 5 ideas to get a job as a fresher DBA:

1. Campus Recruitment

If you are into your final SEM or final year of college and if you have campus recruitments, it’s a very smooth entry for freshers to become a DBA. Based on your aptitude, interest and attitude, you will easily be hired as a software trainee.

Once you join the company, you can always share your interest in database with your training manager. The company will invest in you to learn database administration and absorbe you in one of their projects

So, for people who are about to graduate and have campus recruitment in their college, this should be your first place to start as a fresher DBA.

2. Apply in startups

21st century is all about rapid innovation and the new age entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative solutions to simplify our problems. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for fresh talent out of college and it is very easy for them to mould fresh candidates into their startup culture.

One more reason why entrepreneurs would choose fresher DBAs is → they are constantly looking at minimizing the operational costs. Its very easy for entrepreneurs to hire fresher DBAs and train fresher DBAs for low salaries when compared to experienced DBAs.

So, as a fresher DBA, the second place you can try to apply should be startups.

3. Go for DBA internship

Another way to become a DBA is to apply for DBA internships. There are lot of companies including startups which offer internships. The biggest benefit that you get from internships is → you get real-time experience along with internship certificate. Once you spend good enough time in an internship, you can apply for experienced DBA position depending upon your internship duration.

So, as a fresher DBA, you can apply for internships and then use the internship as a launch pad to apply for experienced DBA job!

4. Ask your DBA friends

Check your phonebook, facebook, linkedin friends who are currently working in MNC. All the MNCs have an employee referral program. Also, the company employees get to know about open positions much earlier than job sites.

Connect to all such friends, send in your resume and ask them to keep an eye on fresher DBA openings.

5. Keep learning & hunting

Once you are ready for fresher DBA interviews, you won’t get job immediately. Hence, the best way is to still keep on learning new topics in Oracle Database administration. Try to post your resume on as many job sites as possible.

Ultimately, I gave you my 5 ideas which you can try to get a job as a fresher DBA. Join my How to become a DBA course which is 100% free and it talks about everything you need to know before starting Oracle career!


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