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Getting Started

Make yourself familiar with DBA Genesis platform to build a robust career in database administration. This guide will help you resolve all general queries that you may have.

In case of any further queries, you can drop email to

Free Courses on DBA Genesis

DBA Genesis released free courses from time to time. The free courses are excellent choice for students who are just getting started with DBA career. You can experiment with DBA Genesis platform and learn how our platform works. Free courses are available for anyone to enroll and start learning immediately. No credit card required !!

You can even download Certificate Of Completion for free courses!

DBA Genesis Pricing Plans

Once you are done with free courses, it might be time to think about upgrading to our paid plan. You might also realize that you are missing on the advance DBA topics that could help you accelerate your DBA career. Our website is a membership website where you pay a monthly subscription to get access to paid courses!

Manage Subscriptions

You can manage all your subscriptions and Add / Change Credit Card from one single location. Goto your profile >> Manage Subscriptions

You can cancel your subscription anytime during the billing cycle and you will still have access to the paid courses until the end of billing cycle.

Example: You bought paid monthly subscription on 12-Jan-2021 and quickly realized that you don't want to continue subscription from next month. You can cancel your subscription anytime before 12-Feb-2021 (next billing date) and you will still have access to the paid courses till 11-Feb-2021.

Certificates of Completion

Students will unlock the course certificate once they have marked all lectures as complete. The certificate will appear on the screen once the student has completed the final course lecture. Students can click the Download button underneath the certificate to save the certificate to their local computer or device.

As you progress through lectures, click on the Complete and Continue button to mark the lecture as complete and move on to the next lecture in the course

Learning Path

If you are starting your DBA career from scratch then start with below courses

If you are a DBA who would like to brush up concepts then start with below

If you are an advance DBA or someone who completed above then

All the best!


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