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Oracle CRSCTL Commands List

CRACTL utility allows you to administer cluster resources. Here are few quick commands to help you administer Oracle RAC cluster!

Check Cluster Status

Status of upper & lower stack

./crsctl check crs

Status of upper stack

./crsctl check cluster

Cluster status on all nodes

./crsctl check cluster -all

Cluster status on specific node

./crsctl check cluster -n rac2

Check Cluster Nodes

Check cluster services in table format

./crsctl status resource -t

Checking status of clusterware nodes / services

./crsctl status server -f

Check cluster nodes

olsnodes -n
oraracn1        1
oraracn2        2

Stop Grid Cluster

Stop HAS on current node

./crsctl stop has

Stop HAS on remote node

./crsctl stop has –n rac2

Stop entire cluster on all nodes

./crsctl stop cluster -all

Stop cluster ( CRS + HAS ) on remote node

./crsctl stop cluster –n rac2 

Start Grid Cluster

Start HAS on current node

./crsctl start has 

Start HAS on remote node

./crsctl start has –n rac2

Start entire cluster on all nodes

./crsctl start cluster –all

Start cluster(CRS + HAS) on remote node

./crsctl start cluster –n rac2


crsctl disable has
crsctl enable has


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