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Oracle Data Guard: Best Practices for High Availability and Disaster Recovery

Enhance Data Protection using Oracle Data Guard

To help you get started with Oracle High Availability, we have listed all of our Oracle Data Guard articles in one single place.

Introduction to Oracle Data Guard

These articles provide a thorough overview of Oracle Data Guard, making them an excellent starting point for understanding disaster recovery.

Oracle Data Guard Background Processes

Know the core processes supporting Data Guard synchronisation

Oracle Data Guard Protection Modes

Determine the level of data safety and performance during database synchronisation

Oracle Data Guard Startup & Shutdown Steps

Procedures that must be followed to start and stop a Data Guard configuration

Oracle Data Guard Configuration

Learn setting up and fine-tuning the parameters to enable high availability for Oracle databases. It includes primary and standby database configurations, network settings, and advanced settings.

Oracle Data Guard Physical Standby Configuration

There are various steps in which you can configure physical standby database

Oracle Data Guard Physical Standby Configuration With Broker

Set up Physical Standby along with data guard broker

Configuring Oracle Data Guard Broker for High Availability

Gives you in detail overview and configuration of Oracle Data Guard Broker

Oracle 11g Installation With ASM and Data Guard Setup

Setup oracle data guard physical standby on ASM storage

Data Guard Failovers, Switchovers & Conversions

Oracle Data Guard Failovers and Switchovers enable seamless transitions between primary and standby databases, ensuring continuous data availability during planned maintenance or unexpected failures and minimising downtime.

Oracle Data Guard Manual Switchover and Failover on Physical Standby

Seamlessly transitioning between primary and standby roles

Oracle Data Guard Broker Switchover and Failover

Execute smooth switchover and failover operations with Oracle Data Guard Broker

Convert Physical Standby into Snapshot Standby

Temporarily open physical standby for testing without affecting primary database

Convert Physical Standby Into Logical Standby

Create a read/write copy of the primary for real-time data sync and reporting

Convert Physical Standby into Active Data Guard

Active data guard is opening a physical standby in read only mode

Upgrades in Oracle Data Guard

Upgrading Oracle Data Guard requires careful planning and execution to ensure seamless compatibility and maintain high availability during the process.

Oracle 11g to 12c Upgrade With Data Guard & ASM

Carefully upgrade 11g primary and standby installed on ASM storage

Oracle 18c to 19c Data guard Upgrade

Learn to upgrade standby automatically while primary is being upgraded

Miscellaneous Articles

Client Connectivity in Data Guard Configuration

Configure client network to auto connect new primary during switchover / failover

RMAN in Dataguard Configuration

Define backup & recovery in data guard configuration using RMAN

Enable Fast-Start-Failover Data Guard Broker

Enable automatic failover using Fast-Start-Failover Observer with Data Guard broker


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