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Oracle Golden Gate: The Ultimate Guide to Real-Time Data Replication

oracle golden gate replication

Oracle Golden Gate is a cutting-edge technology that empowers organizations to achieve real-time data replication across heterogeneous database environments. This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you with a deep understanding of Oracle GoldenGate, from its fundamental concepts to advanced techniques, enabling you to successfully implement real-time data replication in your organization.

Install and Setup Oracle Golden Gate Replication

Installing and setting up Oracle GoldenGate replication involves configuring the source and target systems, deploying the Extract and Replicat processes, and establishing the foundation for real-time data synchronization across databases.

Install Oracle 12c Golden Gate on Oracle Linux

Download, install and configure Oracle 12c Golden Gate on OEL

Oracle Golden Gate Single Table Replication

Selectively replicate changes from a specific table, enabling precise data sync

Oracle Golden Gate Schema Replication

Replicate entire schema including objects and data in real-time

Oracle Golden Gate Advanced Replication

Configure Golden Gate Initial Load and Change Sync

Setup Golden Gate to replicate historic data and on-going changes

Oracle Golden Gate DDL Replication

Seamless propagation of Data Definition Language (DDL) changes

Oracle Golden Gate Bidirectional Replication

Enable updates in both directions to maintain data consistency

Golden Gate Replication When Table Structure Is Different – COLMAP

Replicate data even when table structure is different on target

Oracle Golden Gate Functions

Powerful toolkit for data transformation and manipulation during the replication

Optimize and Upgrade Oracle Golden Gate

Golden Gate Memory Usage

Allocate right amount of memory to Extract, Pump, and Replicat

Golden Gate Performance Tuning

Enhance the efficiency of your Oracle GoldenGate implementation

Upgrade Oracle Golden Gate 12cR1 to 12cR2

Step by step process for upgrading Oracle Golden Gate

Oracle Golden Gate Hybrid Replication

Oracle to MYSQL Replication Using Golden Gate

Implement real-time data replication from Oracle to MySQL using Oracle GoldenGate

MS SQL Server to Oracle Replication Using Golden Gate

Seamless replication from Microsoft SQL Server to Oracle using Oracle Golden Gate

Maintain Source Table Transaction History Using Golden Gate

Ensure an accurate and traceable record of transactions using Golden Gate

Miscellaneous Golden Gate Articles

Oracle Golden Gate Interview Questions

Crack your next Golden Gate interview with flying colours!


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