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Oracle SQL Project II - Hotel Booking Application

The goal of this project is to test your SQL skills. You would need to use both technical and analytical skills to solve this project.

Before you start, you must have CREATE TABLE, INSERT TABLE privileges.

Your goal is to design hotel booking application backend tables which must solve specific issues provided by client.

Application Requirements

Below are the client's requirements for Hotel Booking application:

  • Guests will be booking hotel rooms via front end application

  • Each booking is recorded under BOOKINGS table

  • There are various types of rooms offered by hotel: Single, Double & Family

  • The amount charged depends on the room type and the number of people staying per night

  • Guests may be charged extras (for breakfast or using the minibar)

You are free to assume any other details that are required for Hotel Booking application.

Task 1

First build an ER diagram for the Hotel booking application and take approval from the client.

Task 2

Implement the ER diagram by building tables in Oracle database. You must also insert some dummy data to show that tables and relations are working fine.


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