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Top resource intensive SQL

Database performance is a major concern for a DBA. SQLs are the ones which needs proper DB management in order to execute well. At times the application team might tell you that the database is running slow. You can run below query to get the top 5 resource intensive SQL with SQL ID and then give it to application team to optimize them.

Find top 5 resource intensive SQL

col Rank for a4
(PARTITION BY "Snap Day" ORDER BY "Buffer Gets" + "Disk Reads" DESC) AS "Rank", i1.*
FROM (SELECT TO_CHAR (hs.begin_interval_time, 'MM/DD/YY' ) "Snap Day",
SUM (shs.executions_delta) "Execs",
SUM (shs.buffer_gets_delta) "Buffer Gets",
SUM (shs.disk_reads_delta) "Disk Reads",
ROUND ( (SUM (shs.buffer_gets_delta)) / SUM (shs.executions_delta), 1 ) "Gets/Exec",
ROUND ( (SUM (shs.cpu_time_delta) / 1000000) / SUM (shs.executions_delta), 1 ) "CPU/Exec(S)",
ROUND ( (SUM (shs.iowait_delta) / 1000000) / SUM (shs.executions_delta), 1 ) "IO/Exec(S)",
shs.sql_id "Sql id",
REPLACE (CAST (DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR (sht.sql_text, 50) AS VARCHAR (50) ), CHR (10), '' ) "Sql"
FROM dba_hist_sqlstat shs INNER JOIN dba_hist_sqltext sht
ON (sht.sql_id = shs.sql_id)
INNER JOIN dba_hist_snapshot hs
ON (shs.snap_id = hs.snap_id)
HAVING SUM (shs.executions_delta) > 0
GROUP BY shs.sql_id, TO_CHAR (hs.begin_interval_time, 'MM/DD/YY'), 
CAST (DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR (sht.sql_text, 50) AS VARCHAR (50) )
ORDER BY "Snap Day" DESC) i1
WHERE "Rank" <= 5 AND "Snap Day" = TO_CHAR (SYSDATE, 'MM/DD/YY');


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